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The XRad platform has the largest interior cabinet on the market

The X-Rad Platform is the standard by which all other irradiator cabinets are measured. Widely used around the world due to it’s flexibility of application with a range of kV models and cabinet sizes, the OptiMax imaging module, and full line of options offering the ability to customize to your research requirements by adding options as your X-Ray research needs grow.

Range Features

  • The largest internal X-ray chambers for the highest throughput and the largest samples
  • Touch screen control of all parameters
  • Cabinets require no additional shielding
  • Adjustable programmable sample/specimen shelf
  • Changeable beam conditioning filters
  • Automatic warm-up
  • Entry port to introduce small tubing and cables into chamber area
  • Easy-to-use - minimal training required
  • Complies with US and International regulations for Cabinet X-ray Systems

The X-Rad320 has been instrumental in achieving our research goals to evaluate the role of lymphocyte subsets in virus infections of the eye

Dr. Robert Lausch

USA Department of Microbiology and Immunology,
University of South Alabama College of Medicine

Excellent for high and low dose cell and small animal research

Delivering a precise radiation dosage, the 320 offers high kV x-rays in a large chamber within a compact cabinet footprint; it is considered the workhorse of the industry.


Ideal for larger cell cultures and some small animal applications

The 225XL offers a mid range kV x-ray energy for high and low dose rates, largest chamber size, and the widest range of options; or choose the compact space saving IR cabinet style.


The best choice for cell irradiation and biological research

Ideal for delivering high dose rates to cell and tissue cultures, select the expandable 160XL system for larger specimens or the compact IR cabinet.


Optical and x-ray imaging for improved 2D IGRT targeting

The OptiMax Multimodal Imaging Module is designed to fit into the irradiation chamber of the X-Rad 320 and the 225XL and 160XL cabinets.

The X-Rad is a powerful tool for over 35 of our research projects, ranging from dose calibration in phantoms to analyzing radiation sensitizers in cells, to evaluating new treatment plans in tumour-bearing models

Dr. Justin Grant

Facility Manager, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

The X-Rad range includes a full line of options and upgrades

Purchase with your system or as an upgrade at a later date, to tailor your X-Rad specification to your specific research and application requirements.