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The X-Rad 320 offers a large chamber within a compact cabinet footprint

A self-contained x-ray system designed to deliver a precise radiation dosage to specimens in a biological or small animal research laboratory. The x-ray tube is used specifically for radiation therapy, having a highly homogenous beam.

Featuring our TouchRad control panel - a multi-user, password protected touchscreen interface - the X-Rad320 includes a transportable database that can track individual system usage.

Key Features

  • TouchRad touchscreen control panel
  • Full screen real-time specimen viewing and image capture
  • Beam Hardening filter holder
  • Adjustable specimen shelf

Cabinet Features

  • No additional shielding required
  • Adjustable sample shelf, 20 - 90cm SSD
  • Changeable beam conditioning filter slides, 2 supplied
  • Interior light and camera for sample viewing
  • Cabinet port to introduce small tubing and cables to the chamber area
  • Complies with US and International regulations for Cabinet X-ray systems

Interface Features

  • On-unit, graphical user touch-screen interface
  • Individual user passwords required for system operation
  • Up to 9999 individual accounts can be created
  • Excel database of exposure and user history can be downloaded to a USB drive
  • Programmed exposure settings, database management and user passwords controlled by an administrative Super User
  • Ability to assign users access to only specific programs

Cabinet Specification

  • Overall dimensions: W 38”(95cm) x D 42”(105cm) x H 78”(195cm)
  • Irradiation Chamber: W 30”(75cm) x D 34.5”(86cm) x H 41”(102cm)
  • Weight: 5500lbs (2500kg)
  • Power: 230VAC 1Ø, 50A, 12.5 KVA

High Voltage Generator

  • Maximum Output Voltage: 450kV (tube limited to 320kV)
  • Maximum Current: 30mA

X-ray Tube

  • Max. Potential: 320kV/12.5mA
  • Max. Power: 4000 W
  • Type: Metal Ceramic, Fixed Anode, Oil Cooled
  • Focal Spot: 8mm² (per EN12543)

Dose Output

  • 3 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD (HVL≈ 1mm Cu)
  • 1 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD (HVL≈ 4mm Cu)
  • >15 Gy/min at 320KV, 12.5mA, 50cm SSD (No Beam Hardening)

Operators Control

  • kV Setting + Display Accuracy: 5kV – 320kV in 0.1kV increments
  • mA Setting + Display Accuracy: 0.5mA - 30mA in 0.01mA increments
  • Settings Accuracy: < 1%
  • Exposure Timer: 1 - 99999 seconds
  • Programmable Settings: 1000’s of locations to recall exposure parameters


  • Multi-user Interface
  • Environmental Chamber with O², CO² and heating control
  • TouchRad Dose Measurement and Control System
  • Adjustable Light Illuminated X-ray Collimator
  • Fixed Beam Collimators