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Precision X-Ray offers solutions for viral vaccine creation efforts with X-Ray technology

X-ray Virus Inactivation

  • Safe and Reliable Biological Irradiator
  • Versatile Laboratory Equipment
  • Ionizing Energy Inactivation
X-ray virus inactivation techniques by Precision X-Ray

Virus Vaccine Research

One rapidly advancing approach to virus vaccine creation involves the use of ionizing radiation to inactivate the virus. This works by breaking the genetic material inside the virus while allowing the outer antigenic shell to stay intact.

When injected, early studies have shown that genetically inactivated virus particles can induce an immune response in humans to fight future infections by an active strain of the same virus.

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Current Radioisotopic Approaches

Current ionizing radiation approaches are effective but use radioactive Cesium, Cobalt or other radioisotopic elements that have become very difficult to employ due to safety and security concerns. Current international standards point towards radioactive sources for viral inactivation.

Precision X-Ray's Safe and Secure Approach

The safe and secure operation of the Precision X-ray systems make them a readily available source of ionizing radiation for the new areas of viral vaccine studies.

Modern interface coupled with robust functionality makes Precision irradiators the perfect choice for novel research questions.

Current Challenges

  • Requires high dose of X-Rays
  • Can require long periods of irradiation time - several hours to days

Precision X-Ray has a range of systems that provide 100% duty cycle and can be run 24 hours a day to support these challenging dose requirements.

About Precision X-Ray

Precision X-ray is a leader in the development, manufacturing, sales, and support of Biological Irradiation systems worldwide.

Precision X-Ray Irradiation systems are widely used for radiation research studies as well as the study of targeted irradiation of tumor cells and tumor models in cell and animal studies worldwide.

Precision X-Ray strives to improve the throughput of X-ray Irradiation systems and welcomes new ideas in this effort to make virus vaccine creation and production with X-ray sources an important element in the fight against infectious diseases.

For virus inactivation and vaccine development, please contact us at (203)484-2011 or via the form below.