Sterile Insect Technique

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Advanced Biological Control

Reduce and control insect populations with an environmentally friendly, natural vector control method. Using X-ray irradiation, insects can be mass sterilized without the use of genetic modification, insecticides, or other harmful chemicals.

Uniform dose delivery via rotating insect holder
Environmental chamber with integrated ports for injection of environmental gases
Temperature control maintains insect viability
Intuitive touch screen interface requires no specialized training
Safer alternative to Cesium irradiators
No additional security or licensing required
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How does it Work

  • Mass rearing of insects takes place within specialized facilities.


  • Male and female insects are identified and separated.


  • Mael, adult insects are cooled, to the point of sedation, and placed inside a controlled container.


  • Using radiation, sterilization is achieved through the use of x-ray.


  • The sterilized males are then released into the wild where they mate with females.


  • The females lay eggs that result in non-viable offspring.
The Importance of SIT
Vector-Borne Diseases

Vector-borne diseases account for ~17% of all infectious diseases globally, claiming more than 700,000 lives each year and inflicting suffering on many more¹

¹ As reported by WHO 2020

Agricultural Benefits

SIT significantly reduces crop and livestock production losses from destructive insects, while protecting these industries through prevention of chemical pest introductions.

Environmental Benefits

Environmental protection through a reduced use of insecticides, as well as maintaining the ecosystem by only introducing native species into a region.

Proven Success

For over 70 years, SIT has been a successful method in controlling insect populations, reducing the likelihood of transmission, maintaining agricultural integrity, and overall improving the health and well- being of the human population.

Leveraging over two decades of expertise in X-ray irradiation systems, we are looking to revolutionize the SIT landscape, with the new SIT Module. By maintaining adult insects in a state of inactivity, we anticipate a substantial boost in the throughput and effectiveness of the SIT process.

Precision X-Ray

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