A Complete Range of X-ray Irradiators for All Your Radiation Needs

Used around the world, our irradiators are a simpler, safer, and more cost-effective alternative to gamma irradiators. Each irradiator has options and accessories to customize to your specific applications.

The Most Powerful Small Animal Image-Guided Radiotherapy System In The World

The SmART+ platform offers highly accurate specimen positioning with 3D CBCT, bioluminescent imaging and conformal image-guided radiation therapy.


The Standard By Which All Other X-Ray Irradiator Cabinets Are Measured.

A multi-functional, expandable, radiation research system that accommodates large samples with high throughput. The X-Rad platform offers imaging and irradiation for image-guided, targeted, whole body, and cell irradiation.

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Easy To Use And Ready For Action

The MultiRad platform is a high-powered research system, offering precise and accurate radiation delivery for cell, tissue, and small animal irradiation, as well as a broad range of industrial applications.


High-Dose Benchtop Irradiators with Integrated Dosimetry

CellRad systems are plug-n-play, cabinet x-ray units for cell and tissue irradiation. These dedicated benchtop systems bring experiments from incubator to x-ray in one step, allowing you to irradiate samples without compromising sterility or security.

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Cesium Irradiator Replacement Project

Let Precision guide you through the process!

Our CIRP Guidance service helps make your transition from cesium to x-ray irradiation straightforward.


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