Anesthesia Delivery System

Using active scavenging, the anesthesia system protects users from a buildup of isoflurane.

The all-encompassing solution includes:

  • Knock-down chamber
  • Table-top isoflurane tank with integrated switch
  • Scavenging vacuum routed through charcoal cannisters
  • Cabling
  • Nose cones

Rotating Stage

The software controlled rotating mouse stage allows for positioning at any angle. Multiple positions improve targeting and allows for non-coplanar beam treatment angles. Includes an integrated nose cone.

Animal Bed

Allows for versatility in specimen sizes and increased throughput.
Stages are available for mice, rats and rabbits.

Multi-Modality Mouse Bed

Used with active scavenging, the heated animal bed has an internal chamber that maintains the temperature of the animal during the study. The bed is compatible with other imaging modalities such as PET, MR, and CT.

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