System Options

Tailor Your X-ray Irradiator to Your Research Needs

Our x-ray irradiators offer a range of system options for imaging, software, dosimetry, and cell & animal management. Purchase what you need today, knowing that the system can grow with you as your research needs and goals change.

The Most Powerful Small Animal Image-Guided Radiotherapy System In The World.

The SmART+ platform offers highly accurate specimen positioning with 3D CBCT, bioluminescent imaging and conformal image-guided radiation therapy.

Featured Smart+ System Options:

The Standard By Which All Other X-Ray Irradiator Cabinets Are Measured.

A multi-functional, expandable radiotherapy system, the X-Rad platform delivers precise radiation dose to cells and small animals.

Featured X-Rad System Options:

Easy To Use And Ready For Action.

The MultiRad platform offers a range of system options to suit your irradiation research and application changing goals.

Featured MultiRad System Options:

Bring More Power To Your Benchtop

The CellRad platform of irradiators simplify your research with precise radiation delivery and reliability.

Featured CellRad System Options:

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