Flash Radiotherapy

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Two Forces. One Solution.

FLASH and Conventional Radiotherapy in One System.


Our systems, equipped with dual capabilities, aim to streamline and expand crucial comparative research in the domain between FLASH and Conventional Radiotherapy. By providing a unified platform, variations from the use of multiple systems are minimized, empowering researchers to contribute to comprehensive comparisons across diverse tissue and tumor types in a single system.

Dual Capabilities
Ultra-High Dose Rates
Precise Targeting & Treatment
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What is FLASH?

Research evolves so should your tools.

FLASH radiotherapy (FLASH-RT) is a novel, emerging technique whereby tumors are treated with ultra-high dose rates of radiation magnitudes higher than conventional irradiation. Remarkably, this has been shown to reduce damage to normal tissue while effectively treating diseased areas compared to conventional therapy.

FLASH Forward with Precision
Dual Capabilities

Integrating traditional radiotherapy techniques and FLASH in the same system simplifies workflow and resource management, making your research more efficient.

Ultra-High Dose Rates

This innovation minimizes damage to surrounding normal tissues, marking a significant advancement in improving treatment outcomes.

Precise Targeting & Treatment

The incorporation of image-guided treatment planning allows for highly accurate and precise treatment delivery.


Providing researchers with the freedom to adapt and change their approach as necessary. Ensuring that tools evolve alongside the progress of scientific inquiry.

Precision X-Ray has been a proud supporter of the FLASH conferences for seven years. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new cabinet x-ray systems that enable both FLASH and conventional x-ray irradiation. This innovative system will assist researchers in comparing and comprehending FLASH mechanisms, making it easier to apply this technology in clinical settings.

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