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The World Leader In X-Ray Irradiation

From cells to small animals, the X-Rad320 delivers a precise radiation dose to specimens. The OptiMAX imaging module allows for quick changes between imaging modalities and precise co-registration of images.

key Features
Highest throughput for Whole Body Irradiation
Imaging capabilities with OptiMAX
Planetary turntable and motorized shelf allows up to 33 mice per cycle
Full screen, real-time specimen viewing
Integrated filter recognition & Daily automated dose QA
Replacement of choice for 137 Cesium gamma irradiators
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Application Highlights
Small Animal Irradiation
Whole-Body Irradiation
Targeted Irradiation
Cell Irradiation
Stem Cell Research
Cancer Research
Sterile Insect Technique
Radiation Injury Studies
Translational Radiobiology
Imaging & Biomarkers
Viral Inactivation

The research which is now possible with this machine, the
X-Rad320, has the potential to change cancer treatment
regimens, reduce side effects, and improve quality of life

Professor Pam Sykes
Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer
See what the experts are doing

Radiation upregulates macrophage TREM-1 expression to exacerbate injury in mice

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Comparison and calibration of dose delivered by 137Cs and X-ray irradiators in mice

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Dose calculations for preclinical radiobiology experiments conducted with single-field cabinet irradiators

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The Effect of Mouse Size on Dose from an X-Rad320 Irradiator

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