Bioluminescent Imaging

The SmART+ system, with the integrated BLI module, provides enhanced localized targeting with x-ray imaging and 3D-bioluminescence to improve sub-millimetric accuracy.

key Features
  • Captures images 360° around the specimen
  • Image animals in both X-ray and Optical/Bioluminescence modes
  • Enables quantitative assessment of tumor volume
  • Supports measurement of relevant in vivo gene expression
  • Employs DOT to place center of mass of the light signal
  • Overlays BLI signal onto DRR
  • Performs multiple, optical projections acquired at different angles and wavelength filters
  • Obtains surface mesh obtained from CT images


Bringing definition to targeted areas, expand your SmART+ system with the addition of the MicroCT module. The microfocus tube offers a 50-micron imaging resolution. Used in conjunction with our SmART-ATP software, bring better visualization to your image-guided radiotherapy.

key Features
  • Gold standard in assessing 3D morphology
  • Efficiently and accurately assess bone structure and metastases
  • Increased soft tissue resolution and tumor definition
  • Close to the specimen allowing a higher magnification factor
  • DICOM format to easily import into other platforms
  • Rotating gantry mimics clinical radiotherapy

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