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A 2D image-guided radiotherapy module that can be integrated into an X-Rad system, providing researchers with multi-modality imaging.

key Features
  • Image animals in both x-ray mode and optical mode
  • Combines images for co-registration of luminescent tumors or target tissue on an x-ray background
  • Used in pre-treatment image-guided localization of target tissues
  • Used in post-treatment diagnostics at a molecular and functional level
  • Provides precise localization and documentation of high-energy collimated dose fields
  • Compatible with x-ray luminescent nanoparticle imaging
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Longitudinal Molecular Imaging
Radioisotopic Imaging
Multi-Animal Imaging and Treatment Targeting
Tumor Progression
Treatment Alignment Verification
Tumor Volume Calculation

The research which is now possible with this machine, the X-Rad320, has the potential to change cancer treatment regimens, reduce side effects, and improve quality of life.

Professor Pam Sykes
Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

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