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CellRad offers unbeatable precision and reliability on your benchtop.

A dedicated cabinet x-ray cell irradiator, designed for placement directly on the lab benchtop within arm’s-length from the incubator, eliminates the need to transport cells to a core irradiation facility; allowing you to irradiate cells without compromising sterility or security. The CellRad is a smaller, simpler, safer, and more cost effective alternative to radioisotope or high-powered x-ray irradiators.

Range Features

  • Compact benchtop system
  • Cabinets require no additional shielding
  • Advanced Automated Dose Control (ADC) for exact dose setting
  • Easy-to-use intuitive touch screen - minimal training required
  • Secure system with password login, remote diagnostics and support
  • Complies with US and International regulations for Cabinet X-ray Systems

Bring the core lab into your lab
with a dedicated cell irradiator

Place alongside your incubator for cell irradiation with no need to transport to another facility; and no x-ray training to operate the intuitive controls.


The CellRad system has allowed us to improve workflow because it’s small and compact and right next to our incubator. What I like about the CellRad system is that for us we need something simple to use. Its got this dose control system. Its compact. It fits well in my small lab.

Dr. Mauro Tambasco, PhD, MCCPM

San Diego State University