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Tailor your MultiRad options to your specific x-ray irradiation needs

These options are fully integrated with the touch screen control interface. This provides users with the ability to perform advanced x-ray irradiation techniques with little or no physics support.

All listed options are available for all MultiRad models.

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Motorized Collimator -

Easily define the exposure field size

Easily define the exposure field size through use of the on-screen software. The field size of the collimator can be adjusted in 0.1mm increments and position can be stored as a program preset.

For targeted x-ray irradiation, the collimator uses a high intensity LED to represent x-ray field coverage and is equipped with a laser-centering crosshair indicator.

Programmable Motorized Shelf -

Program SSD through the MultiRad operator interface

Program the height or source to shelf distance (SSD) through the MultiRad operator interface. Shelf position is known at all times and can be preset into a user defined protocol.

Changing the shelf height allows the user to easily modify the field size and dose rate. Contact Precision X-Ray today for more information!

Automated Filter Wheel -

Automatically change and detect the desired filter

Five beam conditioning filters are located on a motorized filter wheel which moves to the selected position - users are not required to manually change the filters at any time. Filter selections can be stored as a program preset.