SPAD powered system for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy

Speed, sensitvity, and simplicity.

LIFA vTAU is a camera-based system for fast fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), especially well-suited for live cell applications. Featuring vTAU, our versatile SPAD camera, the system allows for near instantaneous acquistion of lifetime images at unprecedented frame rates with high accuracy.

Complete solution

LIFA vTAU works with any brand of fluorescence microscope to form a fully integrated FLIM system for a complete solution from sample to data.

Multiple configurations

Suitable for Widefield, Spinning-disk Confocal, Lightsheet, and TIRF systems, LIFA vTAU delivers an easy plug-n-play setup experience.

Fast, adaptive dynamic range

Utilising the latest ultra-high sensitive SPAD detector, featuring micro exposures to optimise dynamic range, vTAU can capture up to 100 lifetime images per second in challenging light conditions.

Next level sensitivity

With the unique properties of SPAD, vTAU features excellent light sensitivity to minimise measurement duration, and enables noise free readout of the detector.

Broad lifetime range

Matching a wide range of capabilities, vTAU operates from the sub microsecond down to picoseconds range.

Automatic data analysis

Dedicated LIFA software instantly calculates the fluorescence lifetime and presents it as a colour coded overlay on the original image.

System Components

vTAU camera

Versatile, plug-n-play FLIM camera for quick and easy setup.

Ultra-high sensitive SPAD detector for up to 100 lifetime images per sec.

Regular frequency-domain FLIM
and time-lapse image modes

Light Source(s)

Multi-LED and/or Multi-LASER as required for your setup.

Excitation light sources for frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging, supplied according to the wavelengths you require.

LIFA Software

Seamless integration of all hardware for full system control

Guides users through FLIM experiments from start to finish.

Supports third party hardware for a flexible and expandable system.

LIFA vTAU system also includes:

  • Computer with USB connection
  • One day of hands-on training
  • Installation by a Lambert engineer at your lab
  • Phone, email, and remote desktop support

User Benefits

Easy to useUser training is quick.

Versatile and simple setupNo alignment, plug-n-play setup makes switching microscopes easy.

Low phototoxicityLong term life cell imaging is now possible.

Cost effectiveNo maintenance, multi wavelengths system, with third party hardware support.


  • Molecular interactions
  • Protein conformation
  • Biosenors
  • Oxygen imaging
  • Metabolism
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Ion imaging
  • NADH/FAD fluorescence dynamics
  • Viscosity imaging
  • Membrane dynamics
  • Membrane trafficking
  • LED inspection
  • Crude oil characterisation
  • Solar cell MCL monitoring