First MultiRad350 Installed in Belgium at PDC*line Pharma’s New Head Office

Madison, CT, USA October 20, 2023, Precision X-Ray, Inc. (“Precision”), a pioneer in cabinet X-ray irradiators, proudly announces the successful installation of our MultiRad350 system with PDC*line Pharma, a groundbreaking Belgian-French biotech company. PDC*line Pharma aims to revolutionize cancer immunotherapies with their proprietary Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell line (PDC*line) loaded with peptides derived from target tumor antigens. 

Founded in April 2014 as a spin-off of the French Blood Bank (EFS), PDC*line Pharma is at the forefront of cutting-edge research in the field of immunotherapy. Their robust preclinical package and pioneering phase Ib feasibility study in melanoma have paved the way for groundbreaking developments. Currently, PDC*line Pharma is focusing on lung cancer with their clinical candidate, PDC*lung, and neoantigens (PDC*Neo).

The installation of the MultiRad350 system at Légia Park marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of cutting-edge cancer treatments. Precision is honored to be part of this journey, and we look forward to contributing to PDC*line Pharma’s mission to make a meaningful impact on the future of cancer therapy.

Congratulations to the outstanding team of professionals at PDC*line Pharma’s new headquarters, located in Liège, Belgium. We also express our gratitude to our partners at Tromp Medical for their efforts in making this installation possible. Together, we are working towards shaping the future of cancer immunotherapy.

About Precision

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Our mission is to innovate and develop next-generation x-ray technology to inspire new and daring research in the global fight against disease and other critical, multi-industry applications in various emerging fields.

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