Precision X-Ray Irradiation grows to new heights with Viktoriya Baytser CEO

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Viktoriya Baytser as Chief Executive Officer of Precision X-Ray, Inc (“Precision”), effective immediately.

“Viktoriya brings with her over a decade of experience in the X-ray Imaging and Irradiation industry, serving previously as SVP Business Development at Faxitron which was acquired by Hologic, Inc. in 2018,” commented Paul Murtagh, “Viktoriya was part of the core team that grew Faxitron tenfold during her tenure,” he added. Precision is the culmination of the combination of Faxitron’s former Irradiation research assets and those of the former Precision X-Ray, Inc. Over the past year, the Precision team, led by President Bill McLaughlin, has consolidated both businesses in North Branford, CT. The business is on track to grow over 30% year-on-year. Viktoriya, Bill and the entire Precision team are excited to drive our business forward to achieve our new 5-Year Plan and 10-Year Vision. Significant investment will achieve this plan both in hiring new, highly motivated and bright talent as well as the planned greenfield development of a world-class R&D and manufacturing facility in Connecticut by end of 2021.

Viktoriya’s broad skill set is further enriched by her unique background. Born and raised in Ukraine, she first came to the United States as a finalist in a Department of State high school exchange program for future global leaders. A valedictorian of her class, Viktoriya then continued her studies at the University of Texas in El Paso first in natural sciences and ultimately earned a business administration degree cum laude. In addition to her coursework, Viktoriya worked full-time and served as an active member of the community.

After graduation, Viktoriya worked at several organizations before joining Faxitron. While there, she helped transition the business through several mergers and reorganizations and built an extensive international sales and distribution network with a presence in over 50 countries. These efforts had an immediate and lasting impact on sustained profitability. “I’m privileged to join a team of dedicated professionals in the field I’m personally passionate about. Together we will help Precision create additional value for our customers, increase market share, and remain the dominant thought leader in this important industry,” she commented.

We look forward to her motivation, drive, diverse background and experience contributing to and guiding Precision on its path to future growth.

About Precision X-Ray, Inc.

Advancing Research through Innovation in X-Ray

Our mission is to continually develop X-ray systems that help researchers globally to better understand radiation-induced effects in the sciences of molecular biology and cancer research, and across industrial and agricultural applications.

Headquartered in North Branford, Connecticut, Precision X-Ray is the largest dedicated biological cabinet X-Ray company, providing safe, reliable, repeatable, high dose rate X-ray irradiators, for modern transitional research. We work closely with leading research institutions worldwide to understand their application needs; and lead technological change in radiation research with a complete range of X-ray Irradiation Systems for a wide range of applications including preclinical, pharmaceutical, scientific and industrial.

Our X-ray irradiators are a simpler, safer and more cost-effective alternative to gamma radioisotope irradiators, with a full line of options and accessories for customization to your specific application requirements.

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