Precision X-Ray Teams Up in Development of Integrated Anti-cancer Radiation Therapeutics Screening Platform

Precision X-Ray, the leader in biological specimen cabinet irradiators and radiation research systems, announced today that it is developing an integrated platform for anti-cancer radiation therapeutics screening with PACT & Health LLC, USA and others.

The project has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Contract by National Cancer Institute (NCI) to PACT & Health LLC, USA with the laboratory located within Precision X-Ray facility for the development of an Integrated Platform for Anti-Cancer Radiation Therapeutics Screening (I-PARTS).

This work combines recent advances in cell printing, culture automation, microfluidics, and high-speed image analysis with high-throughput X-ray irradiation. Principal investigator of the project Dr. Rao VL Papineni, CEO, PACT & Health, professor (assistant-adjunct), University of Kansas Medical Center and executive consultant at Precision X-Ray, said that I-PARTS is an integrated instrument designed and developed to discover new cancer drugs required for combined cancer therapy

This instrument and the technology is miniaturized such that cancer drugs and radiation treatment can be tailored for individual patients, the ongoing goal towards personalized medicine. The grantee PACT & Health at Precision X-Ray partners with Co-Project Investigator Dr. Sylvain Costes at NASA-Ames in this pivotal project.

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