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Precision’s line of preclinical x-ray irradiators

From the first X-Rad designed for the National Cancer Institute in 1998, to today’s advanced SmART Small Animal Research Platform, Precision X-Ray has led the way in developing and manufacturing the most frequently used x-ray irradiators in the world.

To compliment our X-ray Irradiation and Imaging Systems, Precision X-Ray also designs and manufactures small animal fixtures, dose shields and containment devices to aid the researcher in positioning the specimens for x-ray irradiation.

A recent study showed the depth-dose for the 320kV x-ray spectrum was nearly identical to that of the 137CsCl down to a depth in tissue of 4cm

Dosimetric Study

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security for the Domestic Nuclear
Detection Office of the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

Small Animal IGRT Platform

Image SmART, Plan SmART and Treat SmART

Mimicking clinical Radiotherapy imaging and treatments, SmART+ brings a highly sophisticated expandable platform to the field of Preclinical Research.

Fully Integrated X-ray System

Intuitive and automated plug and play systems

Designed to deliver the highest dose and the most uniform beam profile; ideal for cells, small animals, and a broad range of industrial applications.

Expandable X-ray Platform

Customize your system as your research needs grow

Widely used around the world, the X-Rad Irradiation and Imaging Platform is the standard by which all other irradiator cabinets are measured.

Benchtop X-ray Irradiator

Eliminate the need to transport cells

Irradiate cells without compromising sterility or security with a dedicated cabinet x-ray irradiator that can be located arm’s-length from the incubator.