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Precision X-Ray Irradiation has the expertise to work with you every step of the way

Offering accurate, reliable, and repeatable results for a wide range of applications from preclinical Cancer Research to industrial NDT, our x-ray irradiation systems are the most frequently used in the world.

Precision X-Ray leads technological change in preclinical radiation research by listening to the needs of its customers. Advances in the understanding of the molecular biology of cancer, combined with rapid technological advances in radiation therapy targeting and delivery are emphasizing the need for greater capacity to study radiation effects in complex systems.

Precision X-Ray stays abreast of these advances and develops new applications and new equipment to meet expanding customer application needs.

Cancer Research

Novel and Replicating clinical cancer treatment with Radiation

Precision X-Ray’s x-ray machines allow the researchers to test novel and current treatments in combination with radiation. X-ray machines offer the ability to mimic the radiation dose that would occur in a clinic.

Stem Cell Research

Rescue therapy for many types of applications

Stem cells allow the patient to regrow or repair parts of the body. Radiation can be used to decrease the host’s immune system for introduction of stem cells. Stem cells can also be used to rescue tissue from radiation injury.


Advanced biological control with Sterile Insect Technique

In many areas, insect populations are too high causing a burden on the human inhabitants. Using X-rays, male insects can be sterilized. They are then released back in the environment but cannot procreate. Over time this can reduce the insect population.

X-ray Sterilization

Ensuring safety and meeting standards

Many products are unable to use an autoclave to sterilize. At high doses X-ray cabinets can be used to sterilize virus, bacteria and fungi from surfaces. Since cannabis is grown all over and has different standards, it has the potential to harbor fungi and bacteria. It is imperative to ensure the safety of the product before distribution.

X-ray Virus Inactivation

Solutions for viral vaccine creation efforts with x-ray technology

The safe and secure operation of the Precision X-ray systems make them a readily available source of ionizing radiation for the new areas of viral vaccine studies. Modern interface coupled with robust functionality makes Precision irradiators the perfect choice for novel research questions.

And many more applications...


Testing Immunotherapy agents with radiation to fight cancer

Flash Radiation

Innovating methods to spare healthy tissue from toxic radiation

Radiation Injury

Forming damage in normal tissue to test treatment efficacy

Physics Research

Novel applications for in air and in vivo measurements


Meeting application needs for many different project types

Whole Body Irradiation

Deplete bone marrow to knockdown the immune system