Multirad Systems

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Advancing Translational Research Through X-Ray Irradiation

The MultiRad225 is a high-powered research platform ideal for cell and tissue cultures and targeted irradiation of small animals.

key Features
Modern, sleek interface controls parameters and motorization
Adjustable sample shelf & software-controlled turntable
Integrated dosimeter with Automatic Dose Control (ADC)
Easy to use software with touchscreen user control
Automatic warm-up and QA
Fully integrated system with closed-loop cooling
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Application Highlights
Small Animal Irradiation
Whole-Body Irradiation
Targeted Irradiation
Cell Irradiation
Stem Cell Research
Cancer Research
Radiation injury studies
Translational Radiobiology
Normal Tissue Toxicity

The MultiRad is such a simple machine to use. The software is easy to understand and it comes with an Automated Dose QA procedure. Every time I turn it on I know I’m delivering the same dose.

Shonna Glenn
Product Manager, Precision X-Ray
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